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Election 2016: What Voters Need to Know
We put together this information sheet to help you find your polling place, look up what's on your ballot, and connect you with nonpartisan volunteers, like 866-OUR-VOTE, who can help with any questions or problems. Now make your voice heard — and vote! 
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Voting Issues to Watch
Voter intimidation efforts, machine problems, long lines, and confusion over new requirements — here’s a breakdown of Brennan Center research for Election Day.
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How We Got Here on Voter Suppression

No matter who wins tomorrow, the rise of discrimination in elections is bad for democracy. Andrew Cohen explains why the Roberts Court is largely to blame.

Three Things We Already Know About 2016 U.S. House Races

There are more uncontested congressional seats than competitive ones. Once again, redistricting is to blame.

Political Money in the Senate 

Supposedly independent groups, free from contribution limits and disclosure laws, will outspend candidates and parties in the top 10 Senate races, our latest analysis reveals.

We Won't Be Intimidated

On MSNBC, Michael Waldman discussed poll watching efforts and why every American should be able to vote free from obstruction.

Election Podcast: The Line 

In our new three-part series, Victoria Bassetti cuts through election noise to examine the false claims of election rigging, how to fix low turnout, and the continued fight over ID laws. For the latest episode, click here.

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2016 Voting Guide
Your vote is your voice. Learn all the state-by-state rules — including registration laws, voter ID requirements, and early voting times — with our interactive guide.