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The Promise of Automatic Voter Registration 
The Brennan Center hosted the first-ever national conference on automatic voter registration last week, featuring former Attorney General Eric Holder and California Secretary of State Alex Padilla. Nearly 400 legislators, advocates, and experts exchanged ideas and strategy about this groundbreaking policy — which can help millions of Americans participate in our democracy. 
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Texas Photo ID Law Back In Court...Again 
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument Tuesday in the latest battle over Texas’s photo ID requirement. Three federal courts have already found the law, the strictest in the nation, illegal and discriminatory.
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The Top 5
Too Little Democracy Thwarts Fighting Trump 
Because of restrictive ballot access rules, it is practically impossible for the GOP to run a candidate against Trump, says Walter Shapiro.
Crime Stats Debunk "Viral Video Effect"
The New York Times, citing the Brennan Center’s 2015 crime numbers, pushed back on the FBI director’s “false” claim that less aggressive policing caused an increase in homicides.
Faceoff Starts in Wisconsin Partisan Gerrymandering Case
Partisan gerrymandering has long befuddled courts and frustrated American voters. Whitford v. Nichol could set up a major showdown on the issue at the Supreme Court.
Pfizer Turns Its Back on the Execution Business
Will the pharmaceutical giant's move blocking the use of its drugs for capital punishment change lethal injection law? Andrew Cohen explores.
Congress Reviews NSA Surveillance Policy
The surveillance debate is heating up again in Washington, with our Fourth Amendment privacy rights at stake. 
From Our Fellows
A Quick History: How Big Business Bailed Out the Nazis
A tragic tale of what can go wrong when profits are entangled with politics, writes Ciara Torres-Spelliscy.
The Second Amendment and Post-Sandy Hook America 
Since the Supreme Court struck down a handgun ban in District of Columbia v. Heller, Second Amendment law has not developed the way gun advocates hoped, explains Eric Ruben. 

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Featured Event
Our Democratic Constitution: A Brennan Center Workshop
On June 2 at NYU School of Law, the Brennan Center will hold a workshop with four leading election law experts to explore paths toward reinvigorating a “democracy-friendly” Constitution. With the goal of promoting creative and practical thinking, we are inviting a diverse group of advocates, activists, and academics to discuss these critically important issues.