Panel 8: Political Strategies

February 13, 2014

What are the opportunities for bi-partisan, results-oriented coalition building? Is it possible to simultaneously build in concerns about inequality and economic justice? What can advocates do to build coalitions, energize constituents, achieve consensus, and advance achievable, bipartisan reform – or even aspects of reform – and what political strategies can move policymakers to action.

Recorded at the Brennan Center conference Democratic Dysfunction: Exploring Solutions.



Michael Waldman, Brennan Center for Justice



David Frum, Daily Beast, author Why Romney Lost

Trey Grayson, Institute of Politics, Harvard Kennedy School – former Secretary of State (R-KY)

Elaine Kamarck, Harvard Kennedy School, author How Change Happens – Or Doesn’t: The Politics of US Public Policy

Richard Kirsch, Roosevelt Institute

Deepak Bhargava, Center for Community Change