The Voter Fraud Hoax Isn't Funny

Spurious claims of fraud still form the basis of voter suppression across the country.

January 4, 2018

We also cannot forget Russia’s attempts to threaten the integrity of our elections. We now know that Moscow’s interference in 2016 went well beyond stealing campaign emails. Hackers probed state databases andvoting-machine software companies. There’s no evidence that they switched tallies, but there’s every reason to think Russia – or China, or North Korea, or a homegrown partisan — will be back in 2018. A bipartisan group of senators just introduced a bill to help states buy new secure machines and harden their systems from attack.

Yes, Trump’s commission began as a tragedy and ended as a farce. But the “voter fraud” hoax really is not funny. The next federal effort should find ways to protect the right to vote, not spread scare stories.

(Photo: AP)