The Truth About Fraud

November 10, 2007

Allegations of widespread fraud by malevolent voters are easy to make, but often prove to be inflated or inaccurate. Crying “wolf” when the claims are unsubstantiated distracts attention from real problems that need real solutions. Moreover, these claims are frequently used to justify policies – including restrictive photo identification rules – that could not solve the alleged wrongs, but that could well disenfranchise legitimate voters.

The Brennan Center carefully examines allegations of fraud to get at the truth behind the claims.

See the hyperlinked timeline of the Brennan Center's work on voter fraud, including work on restrictive photo ID requirements.

Analysis & Reports:  Policy briefs, reports, and other national resources assessing allegations of voter fraud.

Case Studies by Issue: Examinations of voter fraud claims, sorted by the type of fraud alleged.

Case Studies by State: Examinations of voter fraud claims, sorted by the location of the fraud alleged.

Commentary: Opinions and editorials on the hunt for individual voter fraud.

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