Redistricting Data Collection Project & Storybank

May 13, 2011

The purpose of this project is to collect information about successes, challenges and opportunities for reform in redistricting across the country.  Brennan Center for Justice will compile and analyze all information recieved to become part of our redistricting reform work. Brennan Center is working to develop case studies, conduct a national review and analyze our findings in order to generate recommendations for national redistricting reform that will open up this complex and opaque process in order to enable communities to create meaningful dialogs about how their communities are defined.  Well defined and adequately represented communties can become part of a self-determinative model where individuals and groups create solutions to the greatest problems facing our cities, towns, counties and states.

Redistricting is a unique process, important and central to our representative democracy.  As we have studied how redistricting operates around the country we have consistently seen that both independent commissions as well as legislative redistricting commissions lack adequate transparency and accountability to truly be responsive to communities.  As part of our mission to work with advocates and allies to improve the redistricting processes at state and local level, your participation in this process is essential.  Tell us your story about the redistricting process in your state, town, township, village, city or county. Tell us how your community was successful in communicating its needs or how the process was impenetrable and your efforts to break down the barriers to participation.

If you have any questions about the Redistricting Data Collection Project and Storybank, please call 646-292-8347.

For more information and tools for organizations and individuals working on redistricting, please see the following documents:

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