Mover's Guide: Minnesota

August 10, 2010

Elections Division:  Metro Area – 651-215-1440 Greater MN - 877-600-VOTE

I moved from the address at which I am registered.  What should I do?

I moved from another state.

If you moved to Minnesota from another state, you must register to vote in Minnesota to be able to vote.[1]  You may register at the polls on Election Day if you take an oath and provide proof of residence.[2]  If you do not register on the day of the election or vote by absentee ballot, the last day to register in time to vote in the next election is twenty-one days before the election.[3]

If you moved from out of state, you are only eligible to register if you have been a resident of Minnesota for at least twenty days prior to the day of the election.[4]  But under federal law, if you move within thirty days of a presidential election, you are allowed to vote for President and Vice President in your former state of residence, either in person or by absentee ballot.[5]

I moved within Minnesota.

If you moved to a new address within the state, you should complete a new registration form to update your registration records.  That form is available here:

The election is right around the corner and I never updated my registration from my previous address.  What should I do?

Minnesota allows voters to register to vote on Election Day.[6]  If you moved you need to update your voter registration information by filling out a voter registration application.[7]

You can update your registration and vote at your new polling place on Election Day by completing a registration application, making an oath, and providing proof of residence.  The following methods can be used to prove residence:

  • Show a valid Minnesota driver’s license, learner’s permit or identification card
  • Show a current valid photo student identification card from a certified post secondary educational institution in Minnesota
  • Show a current student fee statement with the student’s valid address in the precinct and a picture identification card
  • Show a tribal identification card with photo and signature
  • Show a notice of late registration from a county auditor or city clerk
  • Show a utility bill due within 30 days of Election Day and a photo identification such as a Minnesota driver’s license, identification card, student identification card, or passport (can be expired)
  • Have a registered voter in the same precinct confirm the voter’s address with a signed oath
  • Have an employee of the voter’s residential facility confirm the voter’s address with a signed oath.[8]

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