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March 31, 2017

Recent Fair Courts writing from the Brennan Center:

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Secret Money Floods Judicial Elections - Dorothy Samuels & Alicia Bannon

The Aloha State: A Model for Selecting Judges? - Cody Cutting

Judicial Selection: A Look at California (2017) - Reece Trevor

Diversity on the Bench: Not Just an American Problem - André Smith

The "Gavel Gap": America's Judges Don't Look Like Its People - Cathleen Lisk

Roy Moore: Better Politician Than Judge - Andrew Cohen

Wisconsin Highlights Three Troubling Trends in Our Democracy - Rebecca Autrey

A Supreme Breakdown - Alicia Bannon

Deciphering Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland - Ames Grawert

Republicans Say They Want to Nominate Another Scalia. But They Don't Mean It - John F. Kowal

Shun a President's Supreme Court Nominee? Alexander Hamilton Would Not Be Pleased - Dorothy Samuels & Alicia Bannon

What's at Stake in the Texas Abortion Case? A Fundamental Right and Truth in Judging - Dorothy Samuels

Terrance Williams and His "Tough on Crime" Judge - Kate Berry

The Supreme Court Should End the Wild West of Recusal - Victoria Bassetti

Ethics 101: The Same Person Cannot Serve as Prosecutor and Judge in the Same Case. The Supreme Court Needs to Say So - Dorothy Samuels

Juries, Death, and Judicial Elections - Kate Berry

The Big Money Propping Up Harsh Sentences - Alicia Bannon

Who Really Picks New York's Judges? - Cody Cutting

Money Flooding State Court Elections Threatens Promise of Equal Justice - Alicia Bannon

Of Judges and "Wannabes" - Kate Berry