Chicago, IL (Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority)

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Name of Program: Targeted Violence Prevention Program.

Detailed Program Information: Available here [PDF].

Type of Program: Intervention.

Type of Organization: Public Safety.

Grant Amount: $187,877.

Targets: 150 community leaders and community members in Chicago, DuPage County, and the greater Springfield area.

Key Facts: According to the grant proposal, this program was created in response to the proliferation of hate groups/ hate crimes and “Illinois-affiliated terrorism incidents” (involving individuals previously residing in Illinois). The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority will train community leaders from schools, faith-based, and community organizations (who will train community members) to identify individuals who exhibit warning signs of extremist involvement and to off-ramp them via connection or referral to unidentified resources within their communities. The project has been developed “alongside, but independent of,” a companion proposal by the Illinois Department of Public Health and Illinois Department of Mental Health, which plans to provide unspecified CVE training to mental health providers in the same three pilot communities.

The grant proposal states that “building resilience and preventing ideologically inspired targeted violence is not inherently at odds with individual civil liberties,” but does not address potential impacts or safeguards.  

There is no plan for a formal evaluation, but the program will “collect evidence of both process and outcomes” that can be evaluated through later research. Mentioned informal “evaluation activities” include focus groups to assess participants’ perceptions of the program and pre- and post-training surveys to “record attendee characteristics, gauge knowledge attainment and satisfaction with the training, and document participant perceptions about whether the training increased their likelihood of acting when they view concerning behaviors.”

Partners: Makki Masjid, Chicago Police Department, Islamic Center of Naperville, DuPage County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management -- Medical Reserve Corps, Islamic Society of Greater Springfield, Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago, Compassionate Care Network, and Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Consultants: Dr. Stevan Weine, Dr. Nancy Zarse, Dr. Linda Langford, Dr. Matthew Clarke, and Sadia Covert (total $90,800).

Pass-through Organizations: None identified.

Supporters: None identified.