Redistricting 101

Justin Levitt speaks about redistricting at the Midwest Democracy Network, October 2009. Parts 1-5 on video, plus powerpoint.

November 2, 2009

On Oct. 22, 2009, Brennan Center redistricting expert Justin Levitt gave an brief primer on what redistricting is, and how district lines are drawn.

The session was held in Chicago, Illinois, sponsored by the Midwest Democracy Network.


Section 1: What is it and when does it happen? (8:28 min.)


Section 2: Why should you care about it? (13:09 min.)


Section 3: Who actually draws the lines? (3:41 min.)


Section 4: Where do they draw the lines? (12:56 min.)


Section 5: How can you influence the census and redistricting? (14:52 min.)


Powerpoint presentation from video

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